More beautiful the jars!

More beautiful the jars!

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For some time, the glass containers with large necks, which we know more particularly under the name of jars, have taken a big boost, far from the grandmother look they have been dragging for years! How? 'Or' What ? Thanks to new finishes, new shapes and accessories to personalize them. Demonstration. Practical and aesthetic, the jars are the stars of our contemporary kitchens. We no longer just slide in our jams or our tomato sauces, but also our flour, our rice, our cereals, our sweet treats ... Then, we put them nicely on the work surface or on shelves. You will understand, these are now decorative elements in their own right. The question of content resolved, it is also important to choose the right container. For this, the brands redouble their creativity to offer you products with more original lines and accessories. Rounded or high, smooth glass or more worked glass, metal cover, cork or even wood ... you will understand, today there are models that can adapt to all your desires by following the course of the modernity. For those who like jars with retro lines, there is obviously the shop of the French specialist since 1930: Le Parfait. Aligned next to each other, they are of the most beautiful effect! Finally, to make your jars more beautiful, consider adding a little decorative touch by sticking pretty labels, adding a little raffia or a small ribbon. In short, customize them to your taste!
1. The cookie jar, € 8.99 at Maisons du Monde / 2. The DEANO glass jar, € 9.50 at Habitat / 3. The set of 6 Le Parfait glass jars, € 24.90 at Delamaison / 4. The SINNERLIG cork jar with cover, € 14.90 at Ikea / 5. The Brooklin storage jar, € 3.99 at Alinéa / 6. The glass jar with cover, € 9.99 at H&M Home / 7 The inclined glass jar, € 6 at Gifi


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