How to choose the right kitchen table?

How to choose the right kitchen table?

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The different models of table for the kitchen

Choose a kitchen table, it is first of all to select a form :

  • the square table which is certainly the most practical, because it is perfectly suited to small spaces,
  • the round table, warmer and friendlier than the square table, because it has no corners; however, it is less functional,
  • the rectangular table which can accommodate more people and which therefore requires a large room to receive it,
  • the table bar that one accompanies high chairs or stools in order to have breakfasts or meals on the go.

What table for a small kitchen?

The ideal table in small kitchen or of reasonable size, is a table with medium dimensions. The best is even that it is equipped with extensions in order to be able to adapt to your needs at the moment. There are also tables with flaps which fold back cleverly once their use is finished. These can all slide along the wall and clear the passage when you have finished your meals. The round tables, they are welcome to leave more free circulation in the room. They therefore require more space, because you will not be able to store them in a corner of the room when you no longer need them.

What table in a large kitchen?

If you have a nice size kitchen, you are probably asking yourself the question: small or large rectangular table ? Before embarking on a purchase, first think of the use you will make of it: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner? Have a big table is not essential. But if you have a large family and want to enjoy meals in the kitchen, don't hesitate!

In both cases

No matter the size of your cooked, don't forget to measure thespace of your kitchen before going to buy your new table. A table too small compared to your kitchen, although unsightly, will not be a major problem, while a too large piece of furniture will prevent you from circulating freely within a space intended for movements (bringing the dishes, putting or serving the table ...) or worse will not fit into this room and you will just have to turn around hoping that the merchant or the big box will take your furniture back. Also be sure to define thelocation from your table. It would be a shame to place it in such a way and realize three days later that it is ultimately not in "the right place". In short, thinking about these two points before any purchase is to avoid a consequent loss of time and energy!

And in terms of material and some color of your new kitchen table? There, it is you who judge! The choice depends of course on your taste in decoration, your budget, but also on the rest of your furniture and the ambiance of your kitchen. If you do not have a worktop and you are cooking on your table, make sure that the color is not too light (avoid white) and that the material is solid and resistant to heat, cold, utensils, heavy accessories, scratches and shocks. You get a kitchen table in flea market and want to retype it to bring it up to date? You are right, but be sure to apply a layer of colorless varnish on it, after the sanding and painting steps, in order to avoid its color tarnishing or flaking during post-meal cleanings.

You want to revamp your kitchen table, but your budget is tight? Do not panic ! Discover all our tips and our precious advices to revamp a kitchen table without breaking the bank.


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