Before / After: Optimizing a small adult bedroom

Before / After: Optimizing a small adult bedroom

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Camille Hermand specializes in the design, construction and layout of both private and public places. Based in the center of Paris, the Camille Hermand Architectures agency has a credo "as much storage as possible, for as much living space as possible". This adult bedroom is the perfect illustration. It is located in a Parisian apartment of 170 square meters, in the 16th arrondissement of the capital, which has been completely renovated. In the room, everything has been optimized to save space while allowing maximum storage. Discover behind the scenes of this family site. Area: Master bedroom 16 m² Budget: NC *

Modernize an adult bedroom

Before: This Parisian apartment dates from the 1930s. It had been renovated in the sixties, but since then, no work had been done. The building therefore has the characteristics of the time, which had to be preserved, while giving a facelift to the rooms. For the room, the owners' request was as follows: we remove everything! The goal is to rethink the space so that it is consistent with the lifestyle of this family, composed of two adults and two children.
After: This room is part of a master suite, consisting of a dressing room and a bathroom. The owners wanted to have a warm and classic atmosphere, but not too conventional. The parquet has been leveled with the rest of the apartment. The light fixtures, the curtains, the bed and the bedspread, but also the furniture were changed. Regarding colors, the choice fell on a range of very soft whites.

Maximize storage

Before: This site had no technical constraints, since neither the windows nor the adjacent bathroom were moved.
In addition, the owners gave the architect carte blanche to decorate. Only recommendation: do not add a lot of furniture, so that the space is more refined.
After: To have as many cupboards as possible, Camille Hermand used a trick: replace the night tables with a headboard with inlaid storage.
In fact, shallow recesses allow you to store books or trinkets simply, by decluttering both sides of the bed. This also avoids tapping on the furniture when opening the cupboards. In this room, everything is integrated! Even the curtains whose rods are hidden in the false ceiling.

Bring in more light

Before: Initially, the room is already quite bright since large shutters bring in daylight. In addition, the bedroom is located in the middle of a garden. The architect's challenge? Bring the vegetation inside the house.
After: Camille Hermand therefore bet on palm leaf wallpaper. The curtains have been replaced by a model in green tones, in order to give the impression that the greenery present outside the room invades the bedroom. In addition, very graphic black lights were installed above the bed, which creates very soft mood lighting. *Not disclosed Camille Hermand - Camille Hermand Architectures


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