Unusual: leaf-shaped houses at the foot of Mont-Blanc

Unusual: leaf-shaped houses at the foot of Mont-Blanc

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Grégory Chidaine imagined three garden houses in the heart of the Mont-Blanc country. These dwellings like no other are nicely called habitable leaves. Passionate about stone and plants, the French landscape architect (born in 1973) is known worldwide for having given birth to the concept of natural architecture. Késako? A fusion between the house and the garden, but also between man and nature.

A world first

It is the first time that such places of life have been created. And for good reason, they are far from traditional! The houses designed by Grégory Chidaine are made with plant forms on one of the most protected natural sites in the world: Mont-Blanc. These are also numbered and signed by the designer.
Houses built using natural architecture are hidden in nature.
They are built from plants, respecting the environment and the site on which they are erected. The goal is for the habitat to be one with nature, so that its integration into the landscape is optimal.

Natural architecture, a philosophy of life

In natural architecture, a long observation and botanical surveys are necessary. Several material constraints must also be respected, such as the non-use of rigid structures to go in the opposite direction of a fixed architecture, or even the search for an understanding of the place rather than the application of classical rules.
Beyond the technical constraints, this concept calls us to put all our senses on the alert to feel the place in which we are and the emotions it evokes, and forgetting the divide between inside and outside. More info on