Mix & go: The nomadic blender-gourd by Russell Hobbs

Mix & go: The nomadic blender-gourd by Russell Hobbs

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The Russell Hobbs brand has imagined a small appliance intended for aficionados of homemade smoothies and juices. It allows you to make them and take them away in a jiffy. Introducing the all-new Explore Mix & Go.

A device that fits with current trends

Homemade juices and smoothies are in tune with the times. Vitamin-rich and good for the body, they are a great way to consume the five daily fruits and vegetables recommended by nutritionists. The Mix & Go has been designed to save time for all those who consume it frequently. The concept is simple: the container used to mix food is also a gourd. Once the preparation is ready, all you have to do is close the lid and take your drink. Ideal for busy consumers.

Convenient and easy to use

Its use is simple, all it takes is a single press on the bottle attached to the mixer for the device to launch automatically. For hot summer days, the Mix & Go is also equipped with a crushed ice function which allows the production of smoothies. The robot is supplied with two 600 milliliter gourds and their lids. They are suitable for classic car storage and therefore easily transportable. With this new Russell Hobbs device, it is no longer necessary to wash the mixer and then the gourd since manufacturing and consumption are done with the same container. Another advantage is that the bottles are machine washable. Explore Mix & Go by Russell Hobbs : 39.99 euros More info on: // It is quite easy to paint a wall tile, provided you follow all the steps: - Thoroughly clean the tiles and the joints with a sponge and a solvent to remove all grease stains and small irregularities. - Protect the outside edges of the tiles and the sockets and switches with masking tape - Apply the underlay with a roller, insisting well on the joints, and allow to dry for 24 to 48 hours according to the recommendations of the maker. - Apply the paint of your choice by clearing the corners with a brush and then crossing the paint roller to avoid marks. Let dry again 24 to 48 hours then apply the second coat. - After drying, remove the masking tape and voila!