Before / After: transform your veranda into a living room

Before / After: transform your veranda into a living room

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Some somewhat old verandas have leaks and overheating which can quickly waste energy and increase your bill. Renovation work, partial or more substantial, is therefore to be considered. This was the case for this house, whose veranda was redone in aluminum. Discover the advantages of this material without further delay in the different stages of the reconstruction of this space.

The veranda: additional room in the house

Before: This veranda was quite old and dilapidated. She had leaks and needed a facelift. To do this, it had to be replaced entirely.
After: Today, the veranda is a real comfortable living room. So that the inhabitants of this house can make the most of it.

Insulate the room for winter and summer

Before: One of the main constraints of the site was to redo the thermal insulation of the room, so that the veranda is habitable all year round and also acts as a dining room.
After: A thermal break device and double glazing with reinforced insulation have been put in place. They limit the exchange of temperatures between inside and outside, and thus eliminate the unpleasant feeling of cold near the windows.

The choice of aluminum

Before: It was necessary to completely rebuild the veranda, by changing the structure, to improve its energy performance. The owners took the opportunity to modernize the style of the veranda.
After: In terms of materials, the choice fell on aluminum, which allows large windows, thanks to its thinness, and therefore to bring in as much natural light as possible. The advantage of aluminum: its adaptability in terms of shapes but also colors and the size of the different elements. Learn more: Aluminum and Architecture /


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