How to transform a child's bedroom into a teenage bedroom?

How to transform a child's bedroom into a teenage bedroom?

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Haaa the transition from childhood to adolescence ... who does not remember! This very special moment in life when our little angel, once sweet and courteous, turns into a new being who displays sometimes confusing attitudes and behaviors. So to face this period of change, which is not always obvious, the editorial staff decided to issue you its instructions for use to transform their toddler bedroom into a stylish teen bedroom. Discovery!

Personalize the decoration

That's it, the dreaded moment has arrived! Your child is today claiming his independence and wants to rethink the layout of his child's room. It's time to put aside the childish themes, in favor of a more trendy atmosphere that reflects his tastes and his personality. Whether he is a fan of colors or not, a fan of music, distant lands or surfing, today there is a wide choice of furniture and decorative objects that will allow your teenager to give free rein to his creativity. Urban stickers, headboard in the shape of a skyscraper, leather armchair for a rock style or wallpaper in New York colors, all that remains is to make your choice!

A multifunctional space dedicated to work, rest and relaxation

Your teenager's bedroom is an intimate and sacred space in which he likes to take refuge, relax, rest and receive his friends. To do this, provide him with a small living area consisting of a sofa and a coffee table where he can remake the world with his tribe. If space runs out, choose a sofa bed or opt for a bed with drawers that takes the form of a sofa during the day. As for sleeping, a last solution is available to you, that of the mezzanine under which you can install a sofa or a workspace. A very practical two-in-one solution which also allows a great optimization of space!

Optimizing storage

To allow it to organize, do not hesitate to provide storage cabinets, lockers under the bed, drawers for shoes, shelves in the nooks and a bedside table on casters.

Soundproof the space

And, if your teen likes to play noisy video games or listen to music to the full, this is the perfect time to invest in a carpet and drapes that will absorb those often annoying noises.


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