How to arrange an alcove in a living room?

How to arrange an alcove in a living room?

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In a living room, the alcove is an indisputable decorative asset. This space, more or less large, can accommodate many amenities and make your living room, a unique room in your image. How to arrange it? Will it accommodate a piece of furniture, shelves or decorative items? Here are some ways to enhance your alcove.

An alcove to enhance collections

In your living room, the shallow alcove accommodates a multitude of custom-made shelves to store your books, DVDs, CDs, vinyls, figurines, etc. In short, all your collections. Depending on what you place on your shelves, you can opt for wooden, rough, varnished or painted supports, plastic or glass supports. Your collections can be enhanced with subtly worked lighting or protected by the installation of glass doors.

An alcove for your plants

Do you have a green thumb? Do you want to make your living room a place to relax? Your alcove can transform into an indoor garden. Dare to multiply plants, vary species, play on heights and colors. This garden can have a theme and be exotic or Asian. To enhance the decor, you can bet on unusual pots, traditional, colorful or geometric pots. Make sure you always take care of your plants and, once again, think about working on the lighting of this privileged space.

A defined space in an alcove

If your alcove is located on a wall perpendicular to that of the window, the French window or the picture window, it will be able to accommodate your multimedia elements such as the screen, the stereo, the DVD player, the decoder, etc. . The alcove is also perhaps large enough to accommodate the entire living room and delimit it in the living room or only the sofa to create a confined, cozy and resolutely warm space.