A tidy dressing room is easy!

A tidy dressing room is easy!

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Do you dream of an optimized wardrobe in which each element would have its place? Easy ! With a few simple tips, your closet may save you time in the morning. Discover the good tricks of Marie Kondô, author of the book The magic of tidying up.

Step 1: sort and classify

If your closet accommodates the clothes of your husband or your children, the first essential step is to offer a separate space for each. Of course, keep only the clothes you really need: exit the holey sweaters or those old pants that no longer suit you. Then, bring similar pieces together because each type of garment is not stored in the same way. If we can fold sweaters or tops, we prefer the hanger for a shirt. You must also choose your dressing room according to your clothing preferences: more hanging spaces for shirts or skirts and more drawers for accessories and small pieces.

Step 2: to your boxes!

Storage boxes are a precious tool to save space in your closet. Transparent and with a lid, you can put your shoes there without having to search and open all the boxes! For your underwear or accessories, choose fabric storage boxes, you will no longer have to search for the lost sock!

Step 3: optimize space

Last step to perfect your wardrobe: keep in mind that each room must be visible at first glance. This avoids storing items in the back of the drawer and does not overload the furniture. There are practical storage covers for storing clothes that are not going to be worn for several seasons. These covers slip under the bed to wait a little before winter. If your wardrobe looks gray because you have refined it too much, you can always stick posters in the back of the shelves, the decor effect is guaranteed.