5 steps to an effective household routine when you have an animal

5 steps to an effective household routine when you have an animal

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For 2 years now, I have been a host family for an animal protection association: I keep a cat or a dog on a voluntary basis, until they are adopted. So I saw some of them pass by! And on the cleaning side, I had to fill up on tricks to be more effective.

Step 1: with an animal at home, remember to ventilate often

Before embarking on large cleaning, we open all the windows! This will change the air, so get rid of odors. Remember to block the doors properly to prevent them from slamming. By closing violently, a door can hurt your animal or just scare him.

Step 2: an animal at home? We hunt down the dust

When you have an animal, dust tends to populate every nook and cranny. And if you have the misfortune to move a blanket or a cushion, it is a cloud of dust and mites that land and trigger a series of sneezes ... To get rid of the dust more durably, I took the habit of starting the housework by shaking and tapping all the cushions, quilts and throws of all kinds by the window. The amount of dust, hair and mites that lodge there is quite impressive. If some people around you are allergic or sensitive, do not hesitate to use an anti-mite product on your textiles. Once everything is well shaken, we can start to make the dust and then vacuum. Do not hesitate to leave your duvets on the windowsill during your cleaning. This will give them a good kick.

Step 3: pamper your washing machine

We often forget about it, but cleaning the filter in your washing machine is important and can extend the life of the appliance. In normal times, it is advisable to clean the filter of your washing machine 5 to 6 times a year. But when you have an animal, you have to admit that the washing machine is under severe strain and ingests many hairs. I therefore advise you to clean the filter more frequently, once a month. Remember to unplug your machine when you do the operation! Before doing any laundry, remember to remove the majority of animal hair to avoid damaging your machine. To do this, here are some tips from grandmother against animal hair.

Step 4: a little tuning on the vacuum cleaner!

Everything is said: we will make your vacuum cleaner more powerful and more pleasant to use. To maintain satisfactory suction power, empty your vacuum more often. Admittedly, if you have a bagged vacuum cleaner, it is not the most economical solution but you will save time and vacuum more dust.
And to make your vacuum cleaner pleasant to use, drop a few drops of essential oil on the bag or filter of your device. So, each time you use it, you deodorize the room at the same time! If you wish, you can vary the pleasures by diffusing a different smell per room. Buy a stock of filters compatible with your vacuum cleaner and reserve each filter for a different essential oil to avoid mixing. You will be able to change scent and alternate.

Step 5: put the toilet paper roll in the right direction

A remark which may seem surprising. But the owners of a playful cat will quickly understand the importance of this detail (the explanations in images here). To avoid finding the tiling of your toilet in soft carpet of toilet paper, position the roller in the correct direction, as in the image below.
And if your cat does not stop playing for so little, wedge the first sheet in the roll!
Hoping that with these 5 tips your interior feels good clean!


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