3 original ways to present frozen yogurts

3 original ways to present frozen yogurts

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During the summer season, nothing is more pleasant than a little iced sweetness to cool off. This summer, exit the traditional sorbets, sticks and ice cream cones, we are surfing on the frozen yogurt trend. Lighter than an ice cream, as delicious as a cupcake, and customizable at will, we are ready to bet that the "Fro-Yo", as its followers call it, will not leave you indifferent. Discover our three creamy variations to refresh your taste buds without feeling guilty!

Variation 1: An iced cupcake

If when you pass a cupcake shop you can't resist this sweetness raised to the rank of a sweet icon, here is a recipe that you should like. The latter, discovered on the nice blog The Gunny Sack, will indeed allow you to succumb to the pleasure of your cute sin while keeping the line. Pretty cool right? If you decide to let yourself be tempted, you will first start by mixing your fruit with a little sugar (here strawberries and blueberries). This task done, you will mix a few pieces of granola with a little honey and peanut butter. Then placed in a muffin pan, you will only have to put a layer of flavored yogurt and then a layer of your fresh fruit mixture, left to rest. Place everything in the refrigerator, making sure to cover it with plastic wrap. Wait a few hours ... When the cupcake is ready to be tasted, don't forget the frosting, which you previously made with whipped cream and blueberries.

Variation 2: Ice cream sticks with yogurt and fresh fruit

More original and healthier than traditional sticks, discover the yogurt popsicles! Seen on the Crumb Crumb blog, succumb to the temptation of this recipe for yogurt and fresh fruit sticks, healthy, light and delicious. The height of delight, it takes only a few minutes to be completed. It would be a shame not to be tempted! To design it, nothing could be simpler! You just need to mix together the Greek yogurt, milk and a sweetener, to incorporate your blueberries (or any other fruit of your choice). Pour the mixture into molds, freeze them for 4 hours or more… and that's it! We lick our lips in advance!

Variation # 3: A refreshing strawberry lollipop

Otherwise, you can always treat yourself to a moment of indulgence with this refreshing recipe unearthed on the blog of a Strasbourg woman passionate about cooking: Cuisine Addict. And, if like her, you love strawberries, that's another reason to roll up your sleeves. Your mission ? Coil a Charlotte Label red strawberry in a sphere of creamy yogurt ice cream, all set with a strawberry coulis. So tempted? We challenge you to make it happen!