La Dépanne, the first local community site for DIY enthusiasts launched by Mr. Bricolage

La Dépanne, the first local community site for DIY enthusiasts launched by Mr. Bricolage

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On the occasion of his 35th birthday, Mr. Bricolage creates La Dépanne, a website dedicated to DIY enthusiasts of all levels. A free service that allows everyone to rent, sell or buy DIY and gardening tools at a lower cost. Presentation of this new DIY aid.

Rent, sell or buy tools near you

The idea started from a very simple observation: on average, a drill only serves 12 minutes per year. Many valuable tools sleep in the back of our closets without ever being profitable. La Dé offers their owners a practical way to rent or sell them to other DIY enthusiasts who would not want or could not invest in equipment for simple small jobs. Geolocation allows them to easily find buyers or tenants who are looking for a product similar to theirs.

A real community of DIY enthusiasts

At a time when "Do it yourself" and savings are in the spotlight, everyone prefers to manage on their own to change a parquet floor, fix shelves or even set up a vegetable patch. By registering for free on La Dé, users will be able to find, in addition to the tools they need, advice on use provided by more experienced DIY enthusiasts as well as by Mr. Bricolage experts. Thanks to this new website, DIY enthusiasts and Sunday gardeners will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and techniques with professionals and other enthusiasts who will allow them to carry out their projects.
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