Bartering seeds, a new way to exchange seeds and know-how

Bartering seeds, a new way to exchange seeds and know-how

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Seeds of barter is an innovative platform which allows all gardeners, amateurs or confirmed, to exchange seeds. Fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, nothing is forgotten! The exchange is done online then by post or during the numerous gatherings organized throughout France. Seeds of barter also allows to share its know-how and its small tricks to perfect its cultures. Let's explore this site like no other.

How does barter seeds work?

Seeds of barter is an online platform on which all gardeners can offer, request or exchange seeds. This exchange is always fair since all seeds are exchanged for tokens. These allow you to order other seeds. Seeds of barter is also a community that was created under the sign of sharing. In addition to exchanging seeds, members can exchange tips, advice, in short, their know-how.

Bartering seeds in a few figures

Gardening is one of the favorite activities of the French. Also, the Seeds of barter platform is a real success. More than 3000 varieties of seeds are offered on the site. They are traded between more than 7,000 barterers in 49 countries. Since the site opened in May 2012, 15,000 exchanges have been made.

Barter seeds beyond the platform

The seeds of bartering spirit is not limited to the exchange platform. In fact, thanks to the site, 139 grain banks opened in France. Local barter, events and training are also offered everywhere in France, always to share seeds and know-how.
To find out more, visit Registration takes only a few minutes and the varieties of seeds available are accessible to everyone. Great discoveries!


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