Mat & jewski x Lenôtre: when pastry celebrates the Toile de Jouy

Mat & jewski x Lenôtre: when pastry celebrates the Toile de Jouy

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This year marks the bicentenary of the disappearance of Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf, the founder of the manufacture of Toiles de Jouy, who are a reference in terms of fashion and interior design. To pay tribute to this great man, Maison Lenôtre joined forces with designer Hervé Matejewski, in association with the fabric editor Braquenié, to create three pastries decorated with the famous Jouy prints. Small appetizer.

Create exceptional design pastries

Lenôtre's idea? Reproduce in serigraphy, on white chocolate discs, three scenes from the famous canvas "Les Buveurs" by Braquenié that Hervé Matejewski has recolored in his own way with fluorescent paint. Below this chocolate layer, the cupcakes are made with whole fruits and fruit creams, which makes them light and delicious desserts, ideal in summer. They are composed of a macaroon shell for the base, and available for garnish in three combinations of flavors: Pistachio Aleppo / Raspberries; Vanilla / Wild strawberries; Praline / Apricot and passion. It makes you want !

A chic and unusual partnership

The Maison Lenôtre has been in existence since 1957. To modernize its pastries, it had the good idea to call on the designer Hervé Mat & jewski, known for his fluorescent recolorations of Jouy's prints. This partnership was made in agreement with the Maison Braquenié, founded in 1824 and which represents French classicism. The pastries are produced in a limited series and will be sold from September 4, 2015, in Lenôtre boutiques and on the brand's website. Count 5.50 euros each. The version of the fabric passed over to fluorescent will be sold from September in the shops of the publisher Pierre Frey, who markets Braquenié's works. More info on or on


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