Plants that self-sow for an easy garden

Plants that self-sow for an easy garden

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A flower garden without much effort, is it possible? Without a doubt, thanks to the plants that reseed itself. For optimal results, follow the advice of Olivier Ducros, manager of the Truffaut store in Ivry-sur-Seine.

Which plants are self-healing?

The list of plants that are sown alone is rather exhaustive. They are in fact annual plants (which flower once a year) or bi-annuals (which flower twice a year). We could for example cite Hollyhocks, annual Delphiniums, Marigolds or forget-me-nots. Some of them stay in bloom longer than others like for example Giroflets, Alysses odorantes or Nicandras which can be enjoyed for a whole month.

What plants to choose for your garden?

First of all, you must learn about your land and the plants that suit it. If it is rather rocky, the Erigerons will have no trouble flowering there. If you live in the South of France, California Poppies are perfect because they love hot climates. Most annual plants are fairly easy to live with and will grow easily on any terrain.

Do these plants require the intervention of a professional?

It is not necessary to call upon a gardener to maintain the plants which are seeded alone but it is necessary to organize well, especially if one begins in gardening. It is, for example, largely preferable to sow seeds on completely bare ground and keep in mind which plant is planted where. As such, it may be useful to plant small name signs near each seedling. Properly delimiting the different flowerbeds makes it possible not to damage the seeds by walking on them and above all to recognize them when they start to germinate again, often in early spring. Differentiating the seeds from each other also allows them to be recovered so that they can be replanted later. To keep them, simply wrap them in newspaper and label them. It is also possible that, when they are re-sown, the plants spread out a little too far, it is then necessary to replant them at the place of their choice.

What are the advantages of plants that are sown alone?

Aside from the fact that they require very little maintenance, the seedlings are often a source of pretty surprises with each new flowering. They are also very often more robust than other types of plants: when they reseed and flower by itself, it is because they are in their element which makes them ten times stronger.


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