HomeKit: the Apple solution for controlling your home

HomeKit: the Apple solution for controlling your home

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The apple company still has new things to present to us. Apple iPhones will soon have HomeKit functionality. This will allow mobile terminals to take control of your home. Explanations.

A house that gets busy

It seems that we are pushing connected objects to their peak. Today, the major IT industries are developing projects around the home automation box. This device, connected to the Internet modem, intends to communicate with all home automation devices such as electrical outlets, sensors, detectors and cameras in your house. HomeKit is the promise of a user-centered smart home system based on the strength of an ecosystem of features brought by the Internet of Things. The smart home of the future is a house that would be more autonomous and easier to organize. In a few words, it would do everything on its own like, for example, turning off / on a light bulb or starting the heating. HomeKit will create a database of connected objects in the house and group them by room in the house. They will then be synchronized between the various iOS devices in the house via iCloud and Siri (Apple's voice recognition system), to trigger voice scenarios. From home or even remotely! Managing your interior will become as simple as sending a text.

Beware of too much Apple

In the long term, Apple's strategy with HomeKit will allow the Cupertino company to control all devices to offer services through its AppStore and communicate via a protocol specially designed for HomeKit, called Apple TV. But Homekit should also manage the security and privacy part of your home for you. One question remains unclear at this time; that of security. Will this service be dedicated to a single use? What will be the conditions of access? The exact release date of Homekit has not yet been confirmed.
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