My pastel tableware

My pastel tableware

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If you too have succumbed to the softness and romanticism of pastel colors, set your table with delicate mint green, cloud blue or dragée pink dishes. Solid colors, geometric patterns, Tie and Dye effect, discover our pretty selection of pastel dishes full of tenderness without further ado. Plate, bowl, salad bowl or egg cup, this summer, the dishes have spread the word to adopt the pastel trend. And it's your dining table that will benefit! So that each of your elements is highlighted, start by covering it with a beautiful white tablecloth, contemporary or spirit of yesteryear. Then deploy all your accessories in soft colors! Either you play the total look, or you add pastel in small touches here and there. If you can abuse ice blue and mint green, be careful not to turn your table into a real marshmallow by exaggerating with candy pink! Do not be afraid to mix the different colors either: a water green plate, a pale pink cake stand, a light blue salad bowl ... the result is superb. Finally, have fun with plain accessories and those with graphic prints to give rhythm to your table. To wake up gently on Sunday during brunch or for a fresh and delicate summer lunch, pastel dishes are the trend to adopt!
1. The spray blue shaded effect flat plate, € 2.99 at Alinéa / 2. The porcelain bowl with graphic motif PAM PAM, € 3.90 at Delamaison / 3. The 2 Mint egg cups, € 15 at Ferm Living / 4 The flat GUSTAVE earthenware plate, € 5.99 at Maisons du Monde / 5. The IB Laursen cake stand, € 62.90 at Amazon / 6. The pink earthenware flat plate Constance, € 5.52 at Decoclico / 7. The set of 2 Pantone salad bowls, € 69.99 at Home 24


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