Mistakes to avoid when installing dry toilets

Mistakes to avoid when installing dry toilets

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Composting toilets or dry toilets are an ecological alternative to toilets. They operate without water and mix dry vegetable waste (wood chips, dead leaves, ground vegetables, straw, etc.) with organic matter. Designed in the 1970s, they recycle this waste in the form of compost, which is then used as fertilizer. Easy to make yourself, they therefore have many advantages but there are also mistakes to avoid. Follow the guide !

Mistake # 1: Underestimating the indoor installation

When manufacturing your dry toilets, you must think as much as possible about the interior installation of your cabinets. You will first need to build a wooden box, with the right dimensions, capable of supporting your weight. Then attach a scope and place a bucket underneath. But be careful with the choice of the latter! Plastic buckets are inexpensive but this material stains easily and keeps odors. Prefer therefore a bucket of steel or stainless steel, more expensive certainly, but which lasts longer and which does not keep odors. Finally, do not forget to add a ladle, a small shovel or a cup to cover the droppings with shavings or straw for example. Next, you will need to design a bin to hold sawdust or other carbonaceous material. Be sure to install it near the bucket for easy access.

Mistake 2: Do not optimize the compost area

Beyond the interior of dry toilets, the exterior layout is also very important. It is therefore necessary to make a compost area that is easy to access and functional, so that the emptying of the buckets is the least restrictive possible. In terms of carbonaceous materials, it is essential to choose untreated wood chips at the risk of having odors in the toilets and polluting the compost. You can get them at a sawmill or directly from carpenters. If you want to store sawdust in your garden, beware of unpleasant surprises! You will need to place it away from the weather. Finally, if you do not have green space on your property, it is imperative to know what to make of the compost.

Mistake # 3: Botching the maintenance of dry toilets

Once the bucket is full, it must be transported to the compost in order to pour it on the existing material, and to clean it. Having a water supply close to the compost area is a big plus for washing the buckets effectively. We also recommend that you use a white clay cleaner. Otherwise, you will most likely need to install a garden hose.


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