What reasons for a retro children's room?

What reasons for a retro children's room?

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Do you want to recreate a vintage cocoon for your child with soft colors and toys straight out of the 60s - less bisphenol A? Here are some ideas for decorating your room with a panel of very soft retro patterns, from small sixties flowers to festive pennants to reinterpret bed linen, wallpaper or decorative items.

Harlequin wallpaper

To dress the walls of your child's bedroom, we would choose this harlequin wallpaper signed Ferm Living. Graphic diamonds softened by pastel colors - green or pink, you will have to choose your side -, so soft that they will go with everything. Because vintage can sometimes be discreet… The combination with smoked oak wood of home and fawn wall lamps - also imagined by Ferm Living - reinforces the vintage spirit here!

Sixties flowers

With these suitcases with floral and retro patterns, Mini Labo dust off the 60s motifs. Besides, suitcases will always be useful for storing small toys, doll clothes or even creative leisure supplies!


Non-threatening clouds of course! With their playful curves, small clouds become coat hooks, sconces, shelves or pretty cushions. Like at Zü which offers cushions with sleepy eyes, a smiley mouth and pretty retro-sober fabrics. Zü offers to personalize its little clouds by embroidering a first name for example - birth gift tested and approved!

Small pennants

Like a vintage party atmosphere every day in your child's room! We really like the garlands of colored fabric pennants to be placed above the bed, the desk, the toy trunk, etc. Everything is possible ! And why not make your own pennant garland with the precious advice of the designer from Silly & Billy?


For a little girl's room - almost - wise and retro, we choose Liberty pattern bed linen. It was in 1884 that the Londoner Arthur Liberty created a flowered cotton fabric. We can only thank him too much since today we still revel in the delicacy of these little flowers. In bed linen, curtains or cushions, it will fit perfectly in a little girl's room. We will associate it with a plain fabric which will take one of the colors of the pattern or why not with another pattern - which would also recall one of the colors of Liberty - as here at Le Lab.


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