Before / After: Create an open kitchen to modernize its interior

Before / After: Create an open kitchen to modernize its interior

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The request of the owners of this pavilion was to create an open kitchen, in a traditional kitchen quite small and not very functional. They also wanted to replace the tiling with parquet, and arrange the laundry room in the entrance. To give their interior a facelift, they called on the agency Lo Architectes. The main constraint? Do it all on a tight budget. Discover the stages of the radical transformation of this house thanks to the explanations of Julie Collet, architect and partner within the agency Lo Architectes. Area: Open kitchen 50 m² Budget: € 30,000 excl. Tax for the restructuring and refitting of the kitchen, entrance hall and living room

Design an open kitchen

Before: The kitchen in this pavilion had a rather dated look and the owners' desire was really to modernize their interior and completely transform the decor.

After: The agency cut down the partition between the living room and the kitchen to make a large living room. The result is a convivial kitchen, where the whole family can meet! In order to limit noise and odors, Lo Architectes proposed to the owners to install a glass roof which creates a physical limit while allowing light to pass through. A custom table, ideal for four people, has been installed against the canopy.

Modernize space from floor to ceiling!

Before: The living room was not optimized and the layout of the room had to be reviewed. With the creation of the open kitchen, the space has been redesigned without doing heavy work.
After: Regarding the floor, the installation of a laminated oak parquet floor, signed Déco Plus, gives new life to the pavilion. In addition, the electricity, plumbing and paintings have been completely redone, to bring an extra wind of innovation!

Optimizing renovation on budget

Before: The original staircase was kept because it was in good condition and it should not exceed the allocated budget. However, it was repainted because being very dark wood, it did not harmonize with the project.
After: The kitchen is a model of the Ikea brand, which was chosen with imitation wood panels, to remind the parquet. The agency placed a primer on the existing tiles, then glued the parquet directly to it. The staircase was painted with a very resistant paint. Julie Collet - Lo Architects