5 steps to get rid of your dog's smell at home

5 steps to get rid of your dog's smell at home

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We all have at least one reason to love our dog, but we must admit, sometimes we can have trouble with its smell. Having recently welcomed Youki, an 11 year old labrador, I had to quickly find a tip. Deodorant spray, scented candle, deodorant type "wick" or decorative ... The choice is vast! Only concern: these products are either dangerous or unpleasant for dogs, or ineffective.
Before tackling the big household, there is a very simple thing to check: is the dog clean? Does it smell good? If not, you may not be washing it often enough. It is also possible that your dog has skin or more generally health problems. Then consult your veterinarian. However, even with impeccable hygiene, your dog will still smell the dog. Let's go for a fresh start!

Step 1: with the vacuum cleaner, we remove the dog hair

We start by vacuuming to remove most of the hair. Very simple! Who said it would be complicated? First concern: once my vacuum cleaner is full of dog hair, it smells bad. And with each use, the vacuum cleaner will "diffuse" this odor, which is problematic. Now is the time to be creative. For my bagless vacuum cleaner, I pour a few drops of essential oil directly on the filter. For bag vacuums, pour the drops directly on the bag. Your vacuum cleaner will then diffuse the smell of the essential oil chosen.

Step 2: place in the washing machine!

I collect all the bunks, baskets and stuffed animals from the dog. Direction: the washing machine! To deodorize all this, I add a touch of vinegar and a few drops of essential oil in place of the softener. We come to the big challenge: the sofa. My dog ​​loves lounging on it and taking up all the space. So I always think of wrapping my couch with a few blankets (failing to find a cover at the right size). And when cleaning time comes, I put the throws in the machine and I vacuum the sofa.

Step 3: we attack the carpets

Like me, the dog is a fan of very soft and thick carpets. However, prolonged dog naps tend to get them dirty faster. They must therefore be washed regularly, and professional cleaning is hardly possible for my portfolio at this frequency. We choose the D system! A tip to deodorize the carpets: - be sure to keep your dog away throughout the operation (the bicarbonate is not toxic to them but if they ingested too large quantities, this would be a problem) , - I generously sprinkle the carpet of baking soda, - I rub so that the baking soda penetrates well into the fibers and cleans thoroughly, - I let it sit overnight, - I vacuum my carpet the next day.

Step 4: the ambient air

Since now everything is clean, we make sure that the feeling of freshness lasts! To remove bad smells from textiles, I prepare a small spray with: - 10 volumes of warm water, - 1 volume of vinegar, - ten drops of essential oils (prefer coniferous oils, and always get approved smell by your dog).
I spray this magic potion on curtains, carpets, armchairs and textiles of all kinds.

Step 5: validation by a relative

By being exposed to the smell of your dog, you end up being less sensitive to it. To be sure your house smells clean, ask someone who does not have pets. For example, when you have tea with a loved one, ask them. The doubt will be removed!


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