Protect yourself from the sun in the garden

Protect yourself from the sun in the garden

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When the sun is shining, it is necessary to provide shade in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. Especially if you don't have a tree to sit under! Here is a small series of solutions to make the most of the garden by creating a few gray areas.

The shade sails

To protect yourself from the sun, nothing like a stretched canvas that will gently break the rays. For this, you can use a solar sail whose principle is to simply stretch a specific canvas between two walls or between steel supports. This type of protection has a real aesthetic aspect because the shade veil takes a pretty shape once installed. Most: there are all colors, enough to satisfy your desire of the moment!


On the terrace, you can easily opt for a blind that you install on the front of the house. When you want to create shade, just drop it. Manual or electric, remember that the price difference between the two mechanisms is considerable. Everything will depend on the budget you wish to devote to this protection.


If you are not convinced by either, the option of the arbor remains. The latter can be installed on a terrace as well as in the middle of the garden planted in the grass. A real little cocoon under which an outdoor table and deckchairs take place. In simple white canvas for the cheapest, in metal for the most expensive or in wood for medium purses, the choice is vast. Change your garden arbor thanks to the price comparison offers from!