A facelift to my bathroom for less than 200 euros

A facelift to my bathroom for less than 200 euros

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Have you been looking at our before / after bathroom for some time? But redoing your bathroom from floor to ceiling is immediately a budget, right? So yes, if you break everything and start from scratch, it will take a few thousand euros… Or there are our little tips to give your bathroom a good kick without major work and no big budget - I promise, less than 200 euros!

Install vinyl flooring: 12.90 euros per m², or 116 euros for a 9 m² bathroom

Let's start at the beginning: the ground! Do you find your bathroom floor soulless, even outdated? Simpler, cheaper than if you broke everything to install a new tile, think vinyl floor! Tarkett's new collection of vinyl flooring is catching our eye right now, including their superb Almeria, which imitates cement tiles terribly well while being so easy to install. Indeed, with vinyl floors, no need to break, the vinyl covering can just as easily be laid over an existing covering.

Decorate the wall tiles: 4 euros for 5 stickers

When we saw these stickers for earthenware tiles at Hema, we said to ourselves: "Thank you Hema, thanks to you, I'm going to stop spending my free time looking for tutorials to redo the wall tiles in my bathroom!" Simple stickers to stick on tiles. A few seconds of installation and a frankly reduced budget. So yes, the trick is only possible if your original tiles are sober and they are not directly exposed to water - forget the shower cabin… But all the same, it will be perfect to brighten up the around our sink. All this does not prevent you from thinking about a repair of your bathroom tiles for later.

Repaint the shower tiling: 19.90 euros per liter pot

If the decoration of your tiles is a little too busy to support the stickers - or simply for the walls exposed to water - there is a practical and inexpensive alternative: paint for tiles. All tiles can be repainted. But for a damp room, it is better to avoid matt paints.

Change towel rack: 29 euros

How do you get rid of the towels rolled into a ball in the four corners of your small bathroom? The towel rack of course! It hangs on a door - no need to take out the drill! - and has five hooks. We like its copper look, graphic mix between classic and modern.

Fix a new mirror: 15 euros

What if we had fun buying a nice mirror? First, a mirror is always a good idea in a small bathroom, mirrors enlarging small spaces by giving them depth. Two, we are not going to lie, to wear makeup, hair or shave, a mirror in a bathroom, it is rather useful. We really like this one from Ikea, the depth of the frame allows subtly to create a shelf to put a cup with toothbrushes or other soap dish.

Change the shower curtain: 19.99 euros

You may have cleaned your shower curtain well, maybe you have seen your small fish shower curtain - certainly clean - a little too long ... No qualms, goodbye small fish, a new shower curtain with new soberly printed like these pretty white polka dots at La Redoute will fit perfectly in your bathroom!