Teenage bedroom: the large storage

Teenage bedroom: the large storage

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Between the adolescent and the tidying up, we cannot say that this is the great love story. It must be admitted that his concerns are far removed from those of managing a house. As in addition he needs to preserve his privacy, he does not see very well that you do the cleaning in his room. To avoid the question of storage becoming a source of conflict between your teenager and you, we will have to organize his room so that its storage is as easy as possible based on his priorities, namely his outfit, his friends and his studies. .

The teenager and his clothes

The physical appearance and therefore clothing is very important for the adolescent. He likes to wear beautiful clothes and follow fashion. So that he can tidy up his room properly, it is necessary to provide him with a significant space so that his clothes do not regularly find themselves in a ball on the ground. Better to give preference to clothes racks because it is easier to put a coat on a hanger than to fold it. For shoes, invest in a shoe rack to integrate into your wardrobe. Highlight the fact that efficient storage of your dressing room allows you to choose your dress better.

The teenager and his friends

During adolescence, the child needs to be surrounded and to be part of a tribe. His room then becomes his lair in which he will invite all his friends. So that it does not turn into a battlefield during their passage, create a cozy corner with coffee table and cushions and colors that look like your teenager. Color, a touch of madness, the Woouf poufs will be perfect for meetings with friends! You can also invest in a bed with a pull-out bed so when he invites a friend to sleep, the bedroom will not look like camping.

The teenager and his studies

With college and high school, homework and review will take a big place in your teenager's life. So he must have a substantial office space in his room. Choose an office large enough so that he can be comfortable and have all his equipment. As for storage, opt for a desk with many drawers to make it easier to organize.


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