Samsung Speed ​​Gourmet, the microwave that fries!

Samsung Speed ​​Gourmet, the microwave that fries!

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Samsung surprises us with its new microwave called Speed ​​Gourmet. The brand did not choose this title by chance. Indeed, he made the crazy bet to offer cooking food up to 2 times faster than a conventional microwave. Your turn to judge !

Technology seen and approved

Samsung, which is better known for its mobile phones, continues to expand its range of household appliances with the Speed ​​Gourmet combined microwave. The latter has 72 cavities whose hot air is intended to cook food more quickly. If time is saved, there is no loss of flavor. Now, your roast chicken will be ready in just 40 minutes as assured by Samsung. It has a large cavity of 35 liters and an extra wide 38 cm tray for very large dishes such as pizzas. New: it is also possible to deactivate the rotary function of the internal plate.

For all cooking

But it is certainly its versatility that will seduce you: it would be possible to steam green beans, prepare yogurts or even make a dough rise. We go even further with the Slim Fry technology which allows you to make fries! The heat envelops the fries so that they remain crisp and tasty with very little oil. This process also removes excess fat. This will delight more than one! In addition, with its 2300 W double grill, you can make beautiful grills!

Improved design

The interior of the oven is all ceramic which makes it easy to clean and scratch resistant. Its smooth, antibacterial surface can be easily mopped up and will not discolour over time. We will talk about a sleek design with a clear and bright screen and a glass door. The only problem is that this pretty gadget remains impressive. The oven is available in two versions, one with fully sensitive controls and launched at 599 euros (MC35J8088LT) and the other combining sensitive controls and knobs, launched at 499 euros (MC35J8085LT). More info on //www.samsung.fr/


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