Big jobs: work cleanly

Big jobs: work cleanly

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Do you want to do heavy work at home? Are you attacking the coating of your walls or floors? Know that this kind of work requires preparation. You must protect your furniture but also the surfaces that are not affected. You must also equip yourself well and ensure the safety of your loved ones in order to perform all your tasks in the best conditions. So that you can be serene throughout the duration of the work, here are some tips that have been given to us by professionals who work for the Castorama brand. .

How to prepare your interior before large-scale work?

It is imperative to clear the room in which the work will be carried out. It is necessary to remove all that is on the walls, the light fixtures but also all the decorative objects and the personal effects present on the furniture. If you have valuable furniture in one of the rooms affected by the work, or mirrors, dismantle them or place them in another room of the house.

How to protect the furniture that remains in the room affected by the work?

Some pieces of furniture cannot be moved easily, such is the huge Norman wardrobe of our adorable auntie. It depends on the work you do, but if you are just painting, then you just need to cover the precious furniture with a perfectly waterproof tarp. If a wall needs to be torn down then you need to better protect your furniture by using thick bubble wrap, wooden planks or even large blankets.

Is it imperative to protect the soil?

Yes it is advisable, especially if you have floating parquet or parquet made from fragile wood. In this case, we recommend placing several layers of cardboard as well as a large waterproof tarpaulin so as not to damage the beautiful parquet floors.

How to avoid inconvenience?

Be logical in carrying out the different tasks. Start by clearing the room where the work will take place. Then prepare all your equipment and start the work in logical order. Take your time because precipitation is often synonymous with small disasters…

What do you recommend to keep us safe?

Wear gloves, goggles and a mask. If necessary, also wear a safety helmet. Make sure your ladder or stepladder is secure, and protect your children by blocking their access to work.

Do you have any other advice for us?

Yes, be aware that pets like dogs and cats can disrupt your work. Block their access to the parts affected by the work or have them keep the time necessary for the completion of the work.


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