A window that reduces street noise, even when open!

A window that reduces street noise, even when open!

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The French company Technal has achieved the impossible! After three years of research, in partnership with the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), she succeeded in developing a revolutionary concept: a window that stifles noise, even when it is not closed! This carpentry manufacturer, specializing in furniture designed in aluminum, could well become a must for all owners seeking to reduce outside noise. Explanations.

Innovative cutting-edge technology

Technal and the CNRS have filed a patent for a sliding window capable of attenuating outside noise up to 25 decibels, even when it is open! Yes, you read correctly ! The window is made with mineral wool, placed on the window posts. This material has the effect of an acoustic insulator, and therefore attenuates sounds coming from outside. In parallel, small microphones are placed in the amount of the window frame while speakers are arranged in one of the walls. This technique captures the outside wave and generates the opposite sound. A new system that works wonderfully, and will delight all apartments or houses that face the street.

Long-awaited marketing

With this invention, the Technal company guarantees colossal noise reduction, even when the window is open by 10 centimeters! There would be up to 300 times less noise inside with this type of glazing. Until we can equip you, the concept of this sliding window should be presented at the big Batimat fair, next November. Indeed, the latter will not be available for sale before 2017. It will take between 200 and 300 euros. For more information, visit