Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I wash windows and curtains in the children's room

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I wash windows and curtains in the children's room

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Dance of Joy We have finally arrived on this last day of the great cleaning challenge! Before arriving at the balance sheet, we must put a final touch to the cleaning of children's rooms. Rest assured, this last step is rather light with the washing of windows and curtains. Unfortunately the good weather does not help (I never thought I would say that) and it took a last superhuman effort to reach the finish line. What a relief ! What happiness! Ah well, must we start again?

What is the best method for washing curtains?

As I said, the temperatures did not help especially when it was necessary to take down the curtains. The curtain in my son's room holds hooks that must be removed one by one. This operation alone resulted in me sweating heavily. Once detached, I wondered how to wash this curtain and I despaired of having to remove each hook. However, this also meant that each hook had to be put back after the machine had passed. I was so afraid of the test that I ended up searching the Internet for a tip. And I found ! I discovered on a video that you could leave the hooks on your curtain as long as you shut the curtain in a pillowcase. You shouldn't have told me twice!
At the end of the washing machine cycle, I could see that the curtain had remained in place in the pillowcase and therefore that it could not have damaged the drum of the machine. However, some hooks still fell off the curtain but putting them back still lasted less long than if I had to redo the whole. To dry the curtains, it is better to hang them up immediately and even hang them: this is where they will dry the best. Wait until they are dry or barely damp before ironing them.

Wash windows without streaks

You could say that we have become real specialists in window washing. After cleaning with newspaper, we moved to the microfiber cloth. Finally I chose this method for the last windows in the house. For those who have not followed, it is a question of mixing hot water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. The windows are washed with a microfiber cloth soaked in this mixture. To wipe, use another microfiber cloth, dry this time.

Lessons to be learned

For each problem there is a solution. With a little research, you can always find tips to make your life easier! During this month of intensive cleaning, I learned some things and I noticed that you could clean your whole house with very few products. Vinegar, baking soda and soda crystals were my best allies. Cleaning is a serious matter. By creating this challenge, we hoped that we could transform the household into a fun activity. On this side, we can say that we really missed our challenge. Even if we are happy to have participated and that we now have a clean house (this is important), the challenge was still painful to hold. Some days were downright disheartening.