Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I sort the toys in the children's room

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I sort the toys in the children's room

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Yes! Like an air of victory today as we move on to the last rooms of the house: the children's rooms. If you do not have children, I invite you to return to day 1 of our challenge to give up what has been soiled since. I almost envy you! Tidying up the kids' room at the end is a strategic choice: when you see the speed at which they can mess it up, it's wiser to wait until the last moment to clean it. For this first step, it is a question of putting a little order in the toys of the children who pile up. Let's see how to sort efficiently and above all without tragedy!

Involve children

Some would be tempted to wait until the children are far from the home to sort the toys. It's a big mistake! Your children's toys are their property and not yours, they must be able to dispose of toys from their bedroom as they please. Throwing away some during their absence could be very badly experienced by your children. Even if you are their parents, you cannot know their degree of attachment to all the objects around them. When I started sorting with my daughter, I was amazed to see her keep all her stuffed animals (even the most insignificant) and separate without problem from accessories for the famous blonde doll. You understood, the only possible solution is to involve your child in the sorting of his objects.

Sorting is a game

Finally in this story you will be more of a guide and it is your child who will do most of the work. If you organize this business as a game, your child will not see it as a thankless task but a moment of complicity with one of his parents. To put the odds on your side, choose a period during which your child is more particularly receptive and with a desire to do well. Do not plan anything behind because the worst thing would be to rush him by forcing him to hurry. Give it time to think and do not try to influence it even if some toys you think deserve the trash. The more this storage is done in good conditions, the easier it will be to do it again.

Rediscover your room

Remember your joy when, during storage, you find an object that you thought was lost forever. It's the same for your child when he rediscovers toys that he doesn't remember. The child needs to visualize to want to play and this decluttering session is an opportunity for him to find desires. The next day, my daughter resumed her jump rope for the playground while the object was lying in the bottom of her toy chest.

Lessons to be learned

Decongestion is a time of rediscovery rather than separation. Make sure that your child focuses on the pleasant part of this work: a special moment with one of his parents and an inventory of all the toys with which he can play. Regarding the toys that he wants to part with, insist on the good deed that he does, allowing another child to have fun. Be willing. On this challenging day, get the words of housekeeping and task out of your head. If you experience this moment as a constraint, your child will feel it. Keep it simple. How can I keep this arrangement as long as possible? Always offer your child suitable storage: a toy box in which you can pile everything (provided that you can close it), boxes or shelves. Storage must be accessible, easy to transport and put back in place.


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