3 renovation ideas with spray paint

3 renovation ideas with spray paint

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We don't just renovate the car with spray paint. From the living room to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the little room, spray paint has everything to renovate your interior. With so many colors and effects in it, there is really something to amaze those around you! See rather!

Idea n ° 1: Dress up an old-fashioned piece of furniture with a spray paint

Whether you are a fan of the girly style or very attached to the urban chic look, do not throw away your furniture. A single spray of paint is enough to give them a second life and to transform them. If the dresser inherited from your great-great-aunt had not found favor with your eyes until then, it is likely to become the nugget of your interior decoration thanks to the spray paint. The aerosol is indeed the latest find in terms of quickly-done-well-done decor. The result is surprising. And you don't have to be a super DIY pro to get by with dignity. Zero roller, zero brush: a simple paint sprayer is enough to transform a piece of furniture, whether metallic, wicker, wooden or plastic. Even if this last material requires the use of an undercoat, the others are satisfied with a total makeover with spray paint. It's simple, fast and fun.

Idea n ° 2: Spray paint to decorate radiators

Radiators are the big forgotten decoration! However, in a house as in an apartment, they take up a lot of space. As the Edding brand offers, you can add style to your radiator. For example, you can draw geometric shapes in pastel colors resolutely in tune with the times. Combined with wooden furniture and decorative items in similar colors, the result is spectacular.

Idea n ° 3: Give the kitchen a facelift

If you can no longer see your kitchen in paint, opt for ... spray paint to rejuvenate furniture, fridge ... A spray in the funkiest color will make your old kitchen the most trendy room in the house. Play daring by combining colors, dare subtle nuances, aluminum sprays or well-marked contrasts. Renovating your kitchen with a spray paint was the most convincing way to let all the personalities express themselves.