Plinths to stick: how to install them?

Plinths to stick: how to install them?

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The plinths protect the bottom of the wall as well as the aesthetic bonding function between the wall and the floor covering. Gluing is fairly simple and quick, but requires a little care and patience to make precise cuts. Find more articles on the theme: Estimate works for laying or renovating parquet

Skirting board: the material

To install plinths to be glued, you will need: - plinths, - fixing adhesive putty, - double-sided adhesive tape, - finishing corners, - finishing sticker, - contact adhesive with spatula. Read the operating instructions carefully to comply with the operating and safety instructions. For the equipment, take: - a meter, - a pencil, - a saw, - a pistol.

Adhesive plinth: preparation for installation

If you choose to make bias cuts, then you will need to measure the length of the bottom of the wall and identify if the orientation of the angles enters or leaves. If your wall is not very flat, opt for the straight cut with finishing corners.

Plinths to glue: the cuts

In terms of cuts, you can choose a miter saw or a box of cuts allowing flat angle cuts with a back saw. Whether you choose the bias cut or the straight cut, the cut is made flat. The straight guide will be used for straight cuts and the 45 degree guide for skew cuts. It is necessary to change the direction of the plinth inside the box to determine the right or left cuts.

Adhesive plinths: the finishing corners

To install corners to be glued, you must cut the baseboards flush with the corner of the wall if you have a protruding angle. For an inside corner, you have to reserve your space. You will then have to transfer the height of the point to the corner, increased by 2mm and then cut the corner. Place a self-adhesive finishing adhesive on top and glue the corner.

Bonding the plinths

You must place a regular bead of zigzag putty adhesive on the back of the plinth. Then place the plinth in its place, fold it down and press it for a few seconds. You can then adjust its position by sliding: you have between 4 to 5 minutes to do so. In case of smudging, use a damp sponge to remove excess glue. With contact glue: apply product to the back of the plinth using a spatula. Then place the plinth against the wall to transfer some of the glue to the wall. When the product is dry to the touch, bonding is done by contact without the possibility of repositioning. Be aware that if the baseboards are light, you can use double-sided tape. You put it on the back of the plinth, you place it on the wall for immediate bonding and not repositionable.