Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the living room sofa and carpet

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the living room sofa and carpet

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With the decluttering done yesterday in the living room, there is only one small problem. We now see much better the dirt in the room and in addition we have moved a lot of dust. For this day, I therefore suggest that you refurbish two important objects from the living room: the sofa and the carpet. It must be said that the two are a pair when it comes to dust traps. Unfortunately, instead of throwing them away, they keep it preciously. And besides I have a cat, imagine the carnage!

How to clean your sofa?

Normally all the sofas are removable. If this is not the case for you, you will probably have a little more trouble cleaning it (it is already complicated when it comes off!) If you have other arms on hand, do not hesitate not to call on them: it's like for the duvet cover for several we do better! When you have recovered all the sofa covers and cushions, follow the washing instructions which must be inside. In my case, it is indicated a machine wash at 40 ° C, which I do immediately.
While the covers turn in the machine, you can observe the extent of the damage: the structure of the sofa has collected many crumbs from children's snacks and especially many cat hairs. To complicate everything, the sofa is covered with an Alcantara type fabric, a real magnet for hair and hair! I started by testing the methods to remove animal hair from fabrics and in particular the trick of the rubber glove. If it works, it also causes an unpleasant overheating on the hand. In search of new tips, I made my own hair catcher by wrapping my hand with masking tape. Again, the thing can be improved. Finally I call a friend to get me out of there: my vacuum cleaner. With the appropriate accessory (for me, a small sucking tip), I manage to remove most of the dirt.

How to refresh your carpet?

Some may have said that it was crazy to invest in a light-colored carpet when you have children but knowing precisely the weak point of my carpet, I pay close attention to it and ultimately it is much better maintained than if I had had a dark equivalent model. However, as the carpet is still new, it has an annoying tendency to fluff which does not help. Several tips exist for cleaning a carpet. Besides, I recommend that the mixture of sparkling water and baking soda to treat a stain just done. I once saved my carpet from a stain of wine with this solution. Even if my carpet is clean, I decide to bring it a little well-being by refreshing it. For this, I use the baking soda method to sprinkle. It seems that it revives the colors of the carpet and from the photo below, it looks like it really works! Just pour baking soda on the carpet and let it sit for a few hours. Finally, vacuum and admire the result!

What you must remember

The structure of the sofa must be cleaned once a week . This place is so strategic and we spend so much time on it, so don't let it get dirty. For the covers, plan to put them in the machine once a month. Observe the washing tips for your sofa. To avoid the disappointment of covers that have become too small, make sure to respect the washing instructions and the temperatures indicated. I use the accessories of my vacuum cleaner. Far from being gadgets, your vacuum cleaner accessories will be of great help to you.


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