Interview with Hugues Peuvergne, author of the book "Cabanes de Jardin"

Interview with Hugues Peuvergne, author of the book "Cabanes de Jardin"

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The outdoor cabins have always attracted young and old alike. Nestled in the heart of nature, they have a share of mystery and adventure that feeds the imagination of all children! It is precisely to please them that Hugues Peuvergne embarked on the manufacture of its first small wooden houses. This gardener-landscaper, in love with plants and enchanting exteriors, got into the game of recycling and home-made constructions ... so much so that he gathered all his creations in a book entitled "Cabins in the garden ", published this month by Ulmer editions. Interview with a dream builder.

Tell us about your first years as a gardener…

It turns out that I have a somewhat quirky journey. After my baccalaureate, I passed my license in economics without much conviction ... I discovered the profession of gardener late, during my various student jobs: a revelation! So I embarked on a BTS Landscaping that I left after a few months because the teaching was too theoretical. Desiring more than anything to be outside and in contact with plants, I learned the trade directly in the field, alongside different professionals. It was my first adult decision, taken with determination despite the reluctance of those around me! I immediately knew that I wanted to move towards the creation of poetic and original gardens rather than more "academic" gardening; I therefore set up my first structure in 1986 at just 23 years old, while remaining under the tutelage of landscapers who guided me during my first years as an entrepreneur.

How did you come to make cabins?

The construction of huts is an artisanal process that spans time. During my first years of career, I focused on plant creation before becoming interested in sustainable construction a little later. The garden sheds offered on the market seemed to me to be all plain and unattractive… So I created my first cabin with the idea of ​​making it an attractive exterior element, and other orders quickly followed. Each of my constructions brings together a maximum of recycled materials: my wooden houses all have an original architecture and a different function! Whether designed for children, as a guest bedroom, garden shed or simply a rest room, they bring joy to living outside the home. I also notice that my children's cabins are very popular with adults, who like to spend time there during the summer!

Where did the idea of ​​putting your constructions in a book come from?

The idea comes from my publisher, with whom I had already published a first work. For this one, we selected 18 very different huts from each other, which we presented starting with the first sketches until the final realization.

You were one of the winners of the International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire, tell us about this competition…

This Festival is held each year in the incredible domain of the Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire. Thirty gardeners from all walks of life present a homegrown garden on a small specific plot, which must show originality and present innovative ideas. A few years ago I imagined a "Garden on straw" there, a project associating dozens of straw bales on which stood a hut woven by me. This creation, which I am still told about today, allowed me to make myself known to the general public and remains the project that is most important to me…

Let's go back to the garden. Which plants do you particularly like?

Before each site, I first spend a lot of time listening to the wishes of my customers. I need to know their history to be able to create a space that looks like them! I always try to create gardens that last over time, so I favor simple and easy-care plants such as roses, Montana clematis, fragrant jasmines ... In city gardens, I alternate small shrubs (decorative apple trees, Japanese maple, Canadian serviceberry…) with climbing plants which occupy a reasonable space while providing a very aesthetic result!
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