Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I declutter the living room

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I declutter the living room

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Today is an important day for the family because we are tackling the main room of the house, the living room. Suffice to say that it is a strategic piece because it does not belong to anyone and at the same time to everyone. This means that everyone's business is there but there is no one left when it comes to tidying up (at this level, it's always the business of the other). Know that if you unclutter the living room without the help of others, the task will be much simpler because you will be the sole judge in matters of “we keep / we do not keep”. On the other hand do not expect congratulations, only reproaches will reach your ears. I will have warned you! Consider that this is a war against disorder and dust: sacrifices are therefore inevitable.

Your weapons of war: big bags

I thought long and hard before going to work, I searched a lot on the net looking for quick fixes or at least effective methods. I think I found a fairly quick way to sort through this room. We start by removing everything from the living room table. Once the place is clear, we will fill it with bags, depending on the destinations. Let me explain. First of all a trash bag which will be used to store everything that is intended for the recycling trash (magazines, damaged books, scratched discs, paper without interest), a bag to group all that can be given (books, DVD, discs, etc.), a bag for all the objects that should be in the children's room rather than in the living room and finally a box in which you will pile up all the papers that have not yet been sorted (but you promise to do it this weekend).
So that's what your army looks like. Of course, everything that does not fit in the bags or the box must be stored in its usual place. Now that we're ready, let's take the test on my coffee table for example.
Unbelievable ! We should call this method “Sherlock Holmes' tidying up” because it also helps identify the culprit (s) of the disorder. Indeed, a bag fills much faster than the others and yet it collects the objects of the smallest people in this house. Strange!
Since the operation is going well, I keep going and after 10 minutes ...
My bags crack before me! As I live in the fourth without elevator, I do not want to run the risk of piling up other bags which will end up hanging out in the corridor while waiting for a charitable soul to help me. I still have to take the first garbage bag down to the recycling bin, put the second bag in the children's room so that they can do their own sorting (ah ah ah!), Bring the third bag to a charity and take the oath to put away the paperwork this weekend.

What you must remember

Cluttering is always easier when you are alone . Do not think that with several the operation is more effective because everyone goes there of its opinion on the interest to keep or not an object. In the worst case, the decluttering operation turns into a nostalgia operation. Instead of putting away you will listen to an old disc found at the bottom of a cupboard. Organization is the key. Think before you act: you will gain in efficiency and time! If you go for it, you will spend the 15 minutes wondering where to store this thing and going back and forth in the other rooms. With bag organization, you limit unnecessary travel. Now that the living room has (almost) returned to normal, we are ready for tomorrow with a good cleaning of the sofa and the carpet


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