The same for less: sunbathing

The same for less: sunbathing

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Soon the holidays ? Relaxation is yours! And for that, nothing like a comfortable deckchair on which you will spend all summer. If the colored models have the wind in their sails to punctuate the garden, those in wood also meet a real success. The only problem is often their price, which greatly exceeds that of metal lounge chairs. The proof is with our favorite model found on the Delamaison site. And if we tell you that we found his twin at half price, you believe us? How nice to lie in the shade of an apple tree while enjoying the heat of summer days ... Do you dream of it? Then, it's time to equip yourself! This year, head for the wooden sun loungers. As aesthetic as they are comfortable thanks to their ergonomic shapes, they also allow you to choose from several backrest positions. Note that the purchase of a mattress is of course essential to appreciate its comfort! At the editorial office, we fell in love with the teak model mounted on casters from the brand Les Jardins. Its price approaching 700 euros, however, may scare more than one, endowing more than the mattress must be purchased separately. For smaller grants, we found an almost similar model at Maisons du Monde for only 300 euros. Little more: the mattress is included in the price and a sliding glass shelf integrated in the structure has been added. Practical, right?

Les Jardins AZUR articulated teak sun lounger at Delamaison at € 699 / OLÉRON solid teak sun lounger on casters at Maisons du Monde at € 299.90