The HoriZone Chef Tactilium cooking tile by De Dietrich

The HoriZone Chef Tactilium cooking tile by De Dietrich

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This year, De Dietrich is launching its new cooking slab which will allow both aspiring and amateur cooks to cook freely. This little new one combines functionality and aesthetics thanks to a long-worked design so that it can adapt to everyone's tastes.

Cook a variety with the De Dietrich cooking plate!

With the horiZone Chef Tactilium table by De Dietrich you are now free! You can cook several foods at the same time in different ways. The new De Dietrich table in a way revolutionizes the art of cooking since it detects and recognizes each container placed and reports all the settings automatically as soon as there is movement.

A practical but also very aesthetic plate

It is probably for its magnificent metal appearance that the slate gray appears as the new black. De Dietrich favored "dark gray" to manufacture its cooking slab. Thanks to this very trendy and fairly discreet shade, the horiZone Chef Tactilium table finds its place in any interior. Regarding navigation, simply slide your finger on the touch screen to select the mode you need from the 4 available.
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