Before / After: declutter a room to highlight its furniture

Before / After: declutter a room to highlight its furniture

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Contemporary constructions tend to favor living rooms at the expense of the surface of the rooms. An understandable bias when you know that households spend a large part of their day in the living room and kitchen! The space devoted to rest should not be neglected, however: it represents an essential bubble of well-being in order to be able to enjoy a restful night! In their small Parisian room, the owners of this three-room apartment have made several unsuccessful development attempts ... The result not being up to their expectations, they chose to turn to the RencontreUnArchi platform to rethink its decoration and unclutter the room. The first French start-up specializing in connecting individuals and professionals, RencontreUnArchi recommended an interior decorator near them: after a Home Staging job of several days, the room took on a new look!

Refine style

Before : the couple made a first attempt at planning with a mixed result. Decorative bases are present, but the furniture chosen is not at all adapted to the size of the room. A satin curtain prevents light from entering the room, while an imposing bookcase makes circulation around the bed almost impossible. With its chandelier from another age and its imposing bound volumes, the bedroom seems suspended in time and seems even narrower than it already is!
After : A few weeks later, the piece made an amazing moult. The interior decorator chosen via has made many changes to restore the radiance of this somewhat drab room. The location of the bed has been preserved, as has the carved piece of wood chosen by the owners (from an old wardrobe). However, the decorator added a classic studded velvet headboard and new sheets to bring a very chic Parisian touch to the bedroom. The shiny sheer curtain has given way to pretty cotton curtains, and the sconces have been changed to a more current model in harmony with the rest of the room.

More suitable furniture

Before : An imposing library occupies a whole section of wall, thus preventing circulation around the bed. This tall, dark piece of furniture seems to overwhelm the room with its massive size. In front of the bed, a small shelf accommodates several trinkets and various belongings belonging to the couple: a little functional piece of furniture which does not really have its utility in this room with counted square meters. Poorly arranged, the room seems very messy and sorely lacking in storage. After : The bookcase and the shelving unit have disappeared in favor of a large chest of drawers in a classic style. Embellished with two beautifully framed lamps and family photos, it fits perfectly into this new decor with romantic allures. The couple's clothes and accessories are now perfectly stored and invisible: the bedroom has found a second youth! More info on


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