Dyson AM09, as hot as cool

Dyson AM09, as hot as cool

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Hot or cold ? For the undecided of the temperature, Dyson offers its now famous fan without blades with a heating function. It is no longer a fan that is used just two months a year. It is no longer a heating system which helps us to better ensure the energy transition between the shower outlet and the bedroom in winter. The Dyson AM09 is much more than that since it does both and therefore does not need to be stored in the closet half the year (and considering the price of the equipment, it is a real good note ).

What's new for the Dyson fan heater?

It is not the brand's first fan-heater model. The previous generation of bladeless fans also had its fan heater, the AM05. What are the differences between the two and what does the latest addition offer? Jet Focus technology . This new fan-heater allows you to better control the direction of the air flow: you can choose to heat or on the contrary cool a particular place. As on the previous version, a wide angle air flow acts on the whole room. In conclusion, the AM09 can be used either in a single airship jet or in a wide diffusion stream. The silence. Dyson engineers have concentrated their efforts to offer a much quieter Air Multiplier range. Today, the AM06, AM07, AM08 and AM09 models are 75% quieter than their predecessors, which guarantees real comfort in use. The new fan-heater has suddenly received the Quiet Mark label, a distinction that honors the quietest products on the market.

The advantages of the Dyson fan-heater

For everything else, the AM09 has kept the same characteristics as the AM05. Still no blade on the horizon which could be dangerous for small hands. There are also no visible heating elements likely to cause burns. Suddenly, without blades or grid, cleaning is reduced to a simple swipe. Convenient ! Available since May, the Dyson AM09 fan-heater is at the recommended retail price of € 429 including tax. Take part in our contest: 3 Dyson fans are up for grabs!


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