Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean my bathtub and my shower curtain

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean my bathtub and my shower curtain

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What do we have on the program? Today, I take care of cleaning the bathtub - the advice will be the same for a shower - and my shower curtain. I have a sponge, baking soda, white vinegar, a bucket. And we start the stopwatch!

Cleaning the bathtub

I start by taking down my shower curtain which I will save for later. I take my bucket: I mix half a glass of baking soda with a glass of white vinegar which I dilute in a little hot water. Attention, the operation will make a little foam. I stir and clean the tub with this mixture. For the tiled part above my bathtub, I choose a more radical mixture - especially to clean the joints well -: on my sponge I put directly baking soda to which I add a few drops of white vinegar. It foams and it's all the more effective. I spread my mixture on my tiles and my joints. I leave my first and second mixes on for about 30 minutes. And I rinse everything with clean water. The result is up to my expectations.
Tip in addition: my shower head was not very scaled, but if yours is, do not hesitate to soak it overnight in a mixture of water + vinegar to get rid of traces of lime.

Cleaning the shower curtain

As for my shower curtain, over the months - years? -, small black molds are encrusted at the bottom of the curtain.

How do I clean my shower curtain? I had already left the bottom of my curtain to soak in white vinegar with little result. So, I'm trying a new experience: baking soda.
I put my shower curtain - without the hooks - in my washing machine - freshly cleaned! -, I add half a glass of baking soda and I start my machine at 30 ° C. In the end, the black marks are still noticeable. Attenuated by the power of baking soda but still a little there. Today, it will have taken me 25 minutes to complete my daily tasks.

What you must remember

Clean your shower curtain regularly. The ideal would have been to clean my shower curtain before the mold became encrusted… Shower gel rather than soap. Try to favor a liquid shower gel under the shower, it will leave less deposit than a soap. After taking your shower, close the curtain and ventilate well. Thus, your shower curtain will dry better and you will avoid small molds and odors of humidity. And tomorrow ? It will be the sink, mirror and trash can in my bathroom to be scoured!