A picnic table in the garden for a holiday look

A picnic table in the garden for a holiday look

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To enjoy a picnic combined with the comfort of a table, opt for the picnic table in the garden. Often made of wood, as a model for adults or for children, this table brings a little holiday air to your home. Presentation. The picnic table directly echoes the tables found on picnic areas in parks, campsites or along the highway. It is a wooden garden table to which are sealed two benches on either side. Ideal for families since it is robust, practical and not necessarily expensive. To choose your model, first think of where you want to install it. There are indeed a few variations of the traditional table that best suit your needs. You will find tables with movable benches, square models to accommodate four benches and even round tables with curved benches. Your choice will also depend on the number of places you want. Finally, be aware that there are also picnic tables 100% dedicated to children. They will be more comfortable and delighted to be "like the grown-ups". In wood or in a colored version, there will necessarily be a model that will please them.
1. The ROBUSTE Jardipolys picnic table, € 319 at Delamaison / 2. The Nicki picnic table, € 105.42 at La Redoute / 3. The PABLO round picnic table, € 249.65 at La Redoute / 4. The RESÖ children's picnic table, € 45 at Ikea / 5. The Jardipolys brewer's picnic table, € 279 at Mr.Bricolage / 6. The Pinolino children's outdoor table, € 66.50 at Etikolo Buy your new garden table at the best price thanks to our comparison service!


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