4 tips to prevent a cat from going into the vegetable patch

4 tips to prevent a cat from going into the vegetable patch

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Season after season, you spend time in your garden. You cultivate your fruits and vegetables, you create squares of aromatic herbs, you arrange your beds and you maintain your lawn. Unfortunately, a small hairy ball comes to compromise this beautiful work. Your cat ! How to keep it away from the massifs? How to prevent it from going into the vegetable patch? Here are some tips.

Tip 1: Protect the vegetable patch

The vegetable patch is a real playground for cats. They like to hunt insects and small animals, they like to eat your crops and sometimes do their needs ... To avoid all these inconveniences, you can water your vegetable garden in the evening. So, during the day you watch and in the evening, you protect! Cats hate getting their paws wet. It is also possible to protect your vegetable garden with a fence or a net. You will block access to plants.

Tip # 2: Grow cats' favorite plants

To prevent your cat from attacking your favorite plants, consider growing some of its favorite plants. So instead of destroying your beds, he will turn to his plants. To please him, choose aromatic plants, grasses, heather or simply catnip!

Tip 3: Use a repellent

Repellents are a solution to keep cats away from beds and the vegetable patch. You can use repellents sold in garden centers and pet stores, or use a natural repellent. The most effective are lemon or vinegar water, citrus peel, chilli and coffee grounds. The mothballs that we usually put in our cupboards to keep moths away are particularly effective.

Tip n ° 4: Create a space for your cat

To prevent your cat from damaging your exteriors, you can also arrange a space of his own. It is in this space that you must place her favorite plants. Consider also putting a square of earth and several boards that will serve as a scraper. Make sure your cat has a place to rest. Naturally, your pet will choose a height space to monitor the garden and be safe. So it's up to you to meet their needs!


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