Before / After: Create custom storage in a master bedroom

Before / After: Create custom storage in a master bedroom

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From the entrance hall to the kitchen, via the living room and the master bedroom, the storage space must meet the functionality needs specific to each space. Out of inspiration? Let yourself be seduced by the flashes of genius from the agency's 100% female team The walls have ears which has successfully bet to exploit and optimize the space by exploiting the hidden corners of this parental bedroom. Result: a custom room with multiple storage spaces. Discovery in pictures of this site like no other. Area : 12 m² Budget : 8,700 euros HT, including custom (excluding decoration and agency fees)

Optimize space

Before: With its angular volumes and imposing furniture, this parental bedroom with a somewhat dated decoration needs to be completely redesigned. Objectives: redistribute the furniture in order to ventilate the space and gain fluidity.
After: Managing space well so as not to suffocate the room is not always an easy task. Thanks to a thoughtful arrangement of space and careful decoration, the room has gained harmony. To simplify volumes and recover space, the chimney flue has been removed. Formerly near the small high window, the bed is now placed next to the front door so as to circulate more easily. Bonus, the room has gained space from 11.7 m² to 12 m²!

Create custom storage

Before: In this small room, the owners dreamed of a space to store their things neatly, with a space for shoes, one for pants, shirts, dresses ...

After: Valérie Laporte-Volatier and Charlotte Soisson-Lenormand have swapped the old pink wardrobe for custom storage. To do this, a half-height piece of furniture and a dressing room were created. The latter consists of a wardrobe part with sliding doors and a cupboard part with many drawers and shelves. Made to measure, these storage spaces make it possible to rationalize the space without cluttering it, to group together several functions and thus avoid the proliferation of standard furniture which often tends to weigh down a room and lack functionality. Bonus: the storage space is adapted to the bedroom, there is no more wasted space. Valérie Laporte-Volatier and Charlotte Soisson-Lenormand, Agence Les Murs a ears