DIY kids: making knitting barrettes

DIY kids: making knitting barrettes

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Here is a DIY idea exclusively reserved for women ... and that little girls between 4 and 7 years old (around!) In particular, will appreciate! With your help, they can make a whole collection of pretty knit knots to dress their hairstyle. In addition to obtaining a frankly cute result, it will be for young ladies, the ideal opportunity to learn knitting. To make a knot, you only need a knitting length of around twenty centimeters, a perfect work for beginners! To make a knitted knot bar, you will need: - a manual knit (or a mechanical knit, if you want to go super fast!) - a ball of yarn (or acrylic!) - a pair of scissors - a bar virgin - a large wool needle - a glue gun

DIY inspired by the creations of the blog les fil-feuilles.


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