Cleaning before the holidays: the battle plan!

Cleaning before the holidays: the battle plan!

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In a few weeks or even a few days for the luckiest among us, it's the big departure on vacation. In summer, we leave longer than the rest of the year. Often our stays last an average of two weeks. Before departure, it is therefore essential to tidy up and clean your home. How to organize? What should we think about first? Here is an exclusive, the editorial battle plan!

Step 1: We update with the laundry

The start is approaching, so it's time to update your clothes. Do all your laundry, change your sheets and empty your ironing basket. Before an extended absence, you should not keep linen that is not ironed because on your return, it will be more difficult to smooth. Dirty laundry can spread bad odors.

Step 2: We sort our papers

A few days before departure, remember to manage everything related to administration. Pay your bills and sort your papers. This step is crucial because upon your return, you will have several weeks of mail to manage. You might as well be up to date before going on vacation! Take this opportunity to ask a neighbor to collect your mail. A full mailbox attracts burglars. It is also possible to ask your post office to transfer your mail to your vacation spot or to stop delivering it while you are away.

Step 3: We adapt our meals

Do not keep perishable foodstuffs, instead of throwing away products on the day of departure, adapt your meals. Cook the leftovers and keep the fridge and freezer empty. This will also allow you to clean it completely! In your cupboards, make sure your dry food is protected. Place your pasta, rice, cereal and any other product in airtight boxes. Also remember to empty your bottles of milk and fruit juice that will not keep.

Step n ° 4: We do the big cleaning

And yes, it is an obligation! Before going on vacation, you must clean its interior. Store each room, make dust, vacuum, wash the floors and above all, empty all your garbage cans. Pay special attention to the kitchen and the bathroom. Disinfect these water rooms where bacteria are more present and check your pipes.

Step 5: Store the exteriors

Before you go on vacation, you must also take care of your exteriors. Weed your garden, mow your lawn, store the furniture, children's toys and above all protect your most fragile plants. Make the most of your vacation!