France Tricot collective: knitting in freedom

France Tricot collective: knitting in freedom

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There are three of them. They knit divinely well and they do it in the heart of the city. For years, we have marveled at the urban achievements of the Collectif France Tricot (CFT). Emmanuelle Esther, Solène Lebon-Couturier and Céline Lacôme-Hulin created this collective in 2008. Since then, the CFT has never stopped investing in the city, knitting around poles, barriers and greyness ... Because the possibilities left by knitting are endless, these generous knitters explore them for our greatest pleasure! Meeting with one of the founding members of the CFT: Emmanuelle Esther. Could you present the France Tricot Collective? Emmanuelle Esther: The CFT was born in 2008 following our meeting, Solène, Céline and me, on Facebook and Myspace.

Emmanuelle by Solène Lebon-Couturier / Self-portrait by Solène Lebon Couturier (everything is hand knitted)

What prompted you to create this Collective? E.E.: We had the same desire to knit differently and Solène offered to create a collective to share some of our projects.

CFT knitting, 2007

How can knitting change the way people look at the city? E.E.: Street knitting was a way for us to share our passion. A kind of free, large and free exhibition space. We liked the idea of ​​adding a textile and colored material in a rather gray environment. The amazement and questioning of passersby was also part of our motivations.

Emmanuelle Esther's little dogs and beautiful knits

How can knitting recreate the bond between people? E.E.: Like all manual work, he is ready to exchange and share techniques and styles. We noticed during our knitting aperitifs that people communicated easily because they had a common taste and a desire to exchange around it.

Bouquet of flowers knitted by Emmanuelle Esther

What was your favorite achievement during the CFT? E.E.: We have a lot of favorite projects in fact because it's always a different adventure, but 2 particularly marked us, the film The Loop that we did with Nathan Besse and the showcase for Kookai: // More info on the CFT blog: But also on the site by Solène Lebon-Couturier: // And that of Emmanuelle Esther: // Solène makes knitted portraits to order, while Emmanuelle makes bouquets of also custom brides.