Gardening to combat stress

Gardening to combat stress

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Both stress and anxiety are natural states. However, when they are too pronounced, they can be harmful to our health and our morale. In France, women and people who live in cities are the most affected by stress. To reduce it, several solutions exist but the most effective is gardening. In any case, this is what a study by Brin de Jardin reveals.

Figures from the stress study carried out by Brin de Jardin

Brin de Jardin's study was conducted on 1822 French people. It tells us that 55% of the adult population (18-65 years old) is stressed. City dwellers who live in large cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants are 68% stressed. We also learn that stress mainly affects women since 63% of them are affected. This analysis also informs us about the stressors. At the origin of this, we find professional responsibilities at 49%, ambient stress at 33%, family problems at 28% and finally money problems at 26%.

Fight stress through nature

There are many solutions to reduce stress and regain a balance in life. But still according to Brin de Jardin's study, the benefits of nature seem to be the most effective since gardening is the most favorable activity for decompressing. Indeed, it is cited at 43.2% against 42.8% for calm activities such as reading or cooking, and 41.6% for ballads. That is those who live in the city are not outdone since 98% of respondents love plants, 96% own them and almost 80% admit that these plants help reduce stress. Two key figures conclude this study: 71% of workers think that having green plants in the workplace is beneficial and 52% of those questioned admit that plants have a positive impact on their well-being and morale.

What is the solution to combat stress?

Whether you live in the heart of a big city or in the countryside, enjoying nature fully has only advantages. So spend time outside, garden at home, with your family, with friends or in community gardens. Green your interior. Do not hesitate to put plants in each room. Every week, we give you lots of advice on how to choose them but also how to maintain them. The more plants you have, the more you will garden and the better you will feel. It is a virtuous circle!