How to properly clean your wood stove?

How to properly clean your wood stove?

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Step 1: remove the soot from the glass

To clean the blackened glass on your appliance, use a paper towel or damp newspaper soaked in the ashes on the bottom of the stove. And yes, ash is an excellent cleaner which is sometimes sufficient for cleaning provided that the combustion is good and the wood dry! If the deposits are more encrusted, use a cleaner with glass without ever projecting it onto metal parts at the risk of damaging them.

Step 2: Empty the ash from the appliance

You should know that the excess of ash prevents the air supply of the fire from below. To avoid a poor combustion, it is therefore important to empty the ashtray regularly. For this, we advise you to use a special ash vacuum cleaner or even a poker and a brush. Another element to take into account when carrying out this step: it is preferable to leave a layer of ash on the bottom of the hearth which then protects the combustion chamber and the floor from the heat emitted.

Step 3: clean the stove walls

Using a brush and a brush, remember to clean regularly by rubbing more or less strong the walls dirty from your wood stove. You can also use bicarbonate or white vinegarc for more encrusted soiling. Thus, you will benefit from optimal combustion!

Step 4: sweep the pipe

As with chimneys, stove pipes must be swept at least twice a year. So call a chimney sweep to perform this step. As a reminder, a clean duct is essential to avoid a fire, so sweeping remains essential!

Step 5: pamper the outside of the stove

A real decorative object, the wood stove also ask that we take care of its external appearance. Clean the facade, the seals, sides and top of the stove. Also remember to vacuum the ventilation regularly to avoid any obstruction.