Choosing the right mirror for your bathroom

Choosing the right mirror for your bathroom

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To prepare yourself morning and evening, the bathroom mirror is a real must! Also, it should be chosen well to combine both practicality and aesthetics. Here are three tips to help you with your selection.

How to choose the shape of the bathroom mirror

The shape of your future mirror is important not only because it will determine the decorative character of your accessory but also because it must be practical to allow you to prepare yourself comfortably. Be aware that round and square mirrors are the most common because they offer a large area of ​​reflection. A narrow mirror will be less practical and a destructured mirror will be decorative but will not allow you to see yourself correctly.

Do not overlook the size of the bathroom mirror

The size is at least as important as the shape because a too small mirror will not be comfortable and conversely a too large mirror will be disproportionate and unsightly. You must therefore choose a mirror that will be in harmony with your vanity unit. If necessary, do not hesitate to opt for two mirrors, one for each basin, in order to combine practicality and style.

Adopt good lighting

Finally, for your mirror to be as effective as decoration, it must be well lit. For this, you can opt for a spot system to place above or on the sides. More elaborate, you will also find models that are backlit or that integrate LEDs inside the mirror for a design look that will be as effective.

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