Tutorial: a pretty fabric night mask

Tutorial: a pretty fabric night mask

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Very widespread in the Mediterranean countries, the nap has more and more followers in France, to the point of pushing certain companies to arrange suitable spaces in their offices. However, even daring to sleep mask in front of colleagues, you might as well do it in style! Today, we are going to learn how to create a nice fabric sleep mask.


- a piece of very soft fabric for the inside - a piece of opaque fabric for the outside - a sewing machine - an iron - scissors - sewing pins - a needle - sewing thread - a thread elastic of 29 cm - the pattern (one-piece pattern) Sewing values: 1 cm Budget: around € 10 Duration: 2 hours


1. To start, make a placement by folding the fabric along the straight line, then cut the piece of fabric double for the two fabrics. If the outdoor fabric is not opaque enough, cut two pieces.
2. Superimpose the two pieces of fabric from the outside, then place the elastic according to the marks on the pattern. Place it well at the edge and hold it with pins.
3. Place the lining over right sides together, trapping the elastic inside. Stitch 1 cm all around without passing over the elastic and leaving a 5 cm opening on the top of the mask.
4. Trim to 0.5 cm except at the opening. Serrate the rounded edges to facilitate turning.
5. Turn the mask over and iron, making sure the seam is on the edge of the mask.
6. Make a filling of 1 cm following the edge line, then make a rib stitch by closing the opening.


So who will be the most beautiful to go to sleep? No more doubt, it's you! This mask can also be very useful for your future trips.

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