Pyrex celebrates 100 years of resistance

Pyrex celebrates 100 years of resistance

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Pyrex was born a century ago! Since its inception, the brand has never stopped innovating and has taken all possible measures to satisfy its customers at best. Founded in 1915 by Bessie Littleton, Pyrex was an immediate success, with its famous glass bottle, and made many mothers succumb. A specialist in utensils, it guarantees a Made in France label and thus inspires kitchens and cooks.

Pyrex: a brand that follows the movement

Pyrex has been the most recognized and trusted brand of cookware for 100 years. In constant development, Pyrex has been able to adapt to everyone's needs. In 1940, after the war, the leader of the kitchen tool introduced color into its products to bring a little cheerfulness, and it was only 17 years later, in 1957, that it released its first patterned utensils : snowflakes and flowers. Times are changing and so are the collections. The brand is modernizing and creating more practical utensils, while being aesthetic. New materials, new functions, and new products were introduced in the 2000s, thus simplifying the lives of many households.

A Collector's Edition for 100 years

Today leader in the kitchen accessories market, Pyrex continues to build customer loyalty. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, the brand launches a Collector Edition range and delves into its tasty memories. On the program: the reissue of 3 emblematic glass utensils from the Pyrex range: a handy bowl, a jug and a measuring glass with red or golden graduations.
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